Symbiosis Farm & Repurpose



Symbiosis Repurpose.


Symbiosis repurpose making use of empty large units. Unused factories in and around the City perimeters.

Symbiosis repurpose is a bridge from school education to create a hands on experience, freeing creativity and opportunities to enhance there entrepreneurial flow, backed in a holistic symbiosis ethos.

Buy teaming up with a shipping container company dedicated to repurposing shipping containers to farming units, water harvesting units, accommodation, plastic recycling units.
Pop-up bars, food and retail units, etc etc.

There is also a large amount of plastic IBCs that we could tap into to repurpose in a kaleidoscope of business opportunities.

Every year up and down the country static caravans are taken off site to be replaced by a new ones, there is a great opportunity to set up refurbishment sections teaching children hand on carpentry plumbing upholstery electricity and gas installation to name just a few.

The refurbished units could be re-sighted with a online documentary of the work being done and who did what.

If we can have suitable caravan site land by the sea in Wales for arguments sake, we could set up a holiday caravan site for families affordable holidays without the school holiday high prices.

Wood recycling and repurposing discarded furniture and wooden products.

Practical repurpose recycling for washing machine, dishwashers, cookers & fridges.

There is a host of Polly tunnels up and down the uk, that could be revived, for symbiosis cultural Polly tunnel growing.

This Symbiosis repurpose ethos!

Is a kaleidoscope of partnerships from, Gov Agencies, Youth Clubs, Retired Tutors & Engineers, Factory, Businesses, Marketing & internet, Communities & Council Agricultural land. All working with Symbiosis unity for the betterment of our planet. Our sustainable future, that will be led by our Children, with a better holistic custodial and humanitarian, true fair democratic sustainable life stile. Divorced from Inflation, or should I say (greed).

Symbiosis Shipping Container Barley animal feed Farm

Symbiosis Farm Shipping Container food drying units Symbiosis Farm

Shipping Container food refrigeration units Symbiosis Farm, Poly tunnel

Auaponic Water cress production Symbiosis Shipping Container

Mushroom Farm system Symbiosis Shipping Container Rhubarb

Growing Farm Symbiosis Shipping Container Saffron Growing Farm

Symbiosis Shipping Container Solar panel Roof harvesting Farm

Symbiosis Shipping Container Water harvesting Farm