Questions and answers


When you were  growing up, the common reply for not affording your latest designer trainers was ” (money does not grow on trees)”!

Fortunately they were not telling the truth, and symbiosis tree for life has embraced and built an infrastructure for a sustainable bursary scheme, to assist in there further education fees.
With its Ethos of adopting a more  anthroposophical, organic humanitarian style structure, uniting our mind body and soul, supporting each other divorced from greed!

Symbiosis tree for life Orchards are the custodial fruit tree Orchards that managed all bursary trees on behalf of the children’s 60% ownership certificate.

symbiosis Orchard management retains 30% of produce sales and the remaining 10% helps to carry forward the symbiosis tree for Life Project.

Questions and answers:
What happens if the fruit tree does not bear fruit one year?
If fruit tree suffers from frost or pest attack we treat them organically with the understanding that this happens from time to time and except it. But as The Orchards has a variety of fruit trees with early and late harvest times, we are assure of some harvest each year, if not’ there’s always another year.

What happens if my sponsor tree dies without produceding anything?
If you’re sponsored tree dies or damages it would be replaced immediately.

Can I help harvest my sponsored tree?
Of course! we are delighted to encourage all tree owners family and friends sponsors to join in our harvest festival time.

Can I collect the harvest from my tree to take home and resell myself?
Of course you can, collect your 60%. How ever that would divorce it from the bursary scheme which is calculated on the overall orchard collection sales figures and yearly interests payments.

Can I purchase more than one bursary tree?
Yes you can, purchase up to a maximum of 10 bursary trees per child.
This is to create a level playing field on bursary funds.

We at Symbiosis Tree For Live are dedicated to planting fruit trees as a vehicle to provide: Organic Food without pesticides, Fruit Juices, Earth filtration & Stabilization, Wild life habitation. Helping the Bees population, providing new community Black Orchard farmers. And take care of our children's further education bursary all at the same time! We at Symbiosis Tree For Live value your survey response, and thank you for your support.