Tree For Life in the Caribbean islands


Symbiosis Community Village, a mutually beneficial relationship between different entities. A community village built on the principles of symbiosis focus on sustainable living, eco-friendly practices, and communal cooperation.
Community villages or intentional communities are established by groups of people with shared values, aiming to create a sustainable and harmonious way of living. These communities can vary widely in their principles, goals, and structures. They focus on ecological sustainability, cooperative living, permaculture, or shared resources.
“Symbiosis Community Village” is a new specific community an emerging intentional community focused on sustainability and communal living.

God has Favored the Caribbean islands with all the important ingredients to survive without greed! The original inhabitant had everything and happy to share it with any one in need. God provided an abundance of trees for all our needs.

The Coconut & Bamboo shaded the edible forest from the hot sunshine, and the bred fruit, Ackee, Mango, Apple & many others shading the Banana, sugarcane , Bushes, coco & Coffee beans. with the ground level plants & shrubs. Then all the root plants available throughout the year.

The Undergrowth was kept in check with the wild chickens, wild boar, Birds, Bees, insects & worms all keeping the edible forest in the best condition.

Ja fruit

An abundance of trees , Bushes and plants to sustain a wealth of healthy food for every one!

This Tree For Life is far more productive in the Caribbean islands than any ware ells.

Many trees Ber most of the year or more than twice a year. By managing a forest by design, we could out strip any acre production vale without devastating maniacal or pesticide intervention.

“The great poetry of the New World….. like its fruits, its savor is a mixture of the acid and the sweet. The apples of its second Eden have the tartness of experience. In such poetry there is a bitter memory and it is the bitterness that dries last on the tongue. It is the acidulous that supplies its energy. The golden apples of this sun are shot with acid. The taste of Neruda is citric, the Pomme de Cythere of Cesaire sets the teeth on edge, the savor of Perse is of salt fruit at the sea’s edge, the sea-grape, the “fat-poke”, the sea almond. For us in the archipelago the tribal memory is salted with the bitter memory of migration”