Welcome to Symbiosis Tree For Life.

Some times, in our “what’s in it for me society”, we overlook the real values in life. We are in need of so many solutions to the world problems of food production and sustainability. The land has always been the real wealth! Without it, we simply cannot exist.

Our children will drive the future and need to understand the values of working together and sharing a sustainable life style and values. That would put them on the way to infinite rewards and may even go a long way to reducing crime!

I propose to make a positive start by addressing some of the sustainable life style solutions In My own way, by setting up a Symbiosis Tree for Life & Orchard Management Project.

This project is simply adopting a sharing existence to create the most positive rewarding life educational future by starting from scratch, planning with our youngest from now.

This is purely an idea that I would like to share with any one that would like to help me to realise this project. This would take a team of partners to spear head this dream of mine. As I am not a conventional marketeer this has all been thinking out side the box. So please reserve judgment until you have opened it!

If you would like to know more email me and I will send you the link to all project documents and videos.

Errol Taffe


Future Of Education

Education has already moved on at a unstoppable rate!

I predict education will become nothing more than a museum piece, being no more than a practical class center for cooking, building, carpentry, Chemistry, and sports centers. all in the not to distant future. The cost of education is increasing year by year when the cost in realty are reducing with most lessons operating online.

This will create it’s own challenges but will see the end to traffic congested school run times.


The Symbiosis Tree For Life Ownership Certificate was created by, Errol Taffe in 2017, to assist parents that may not be able to afford the ever increasing cost of further education and hopefully increase the interest in farming.


Hello world!

Welcome to Symbiosis Tree For Life.  “To day is the start of our future, Lets make a positive step, building a humanitarian world, rather than apathy for our children inheritance”.  World Humanitarian Day is Monday, 19th August 2019. But every day should be!


Errol Taffe

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