Plan to Overcome

Symbiosis Organizations

Endosymbiosis. It means one organism live inside the cells or body of another.

Symbiosis, simply means Opposite species working together in harmony.

We are surrounded with real life Education, if only we opened our eyes of observation. Everything that’s made by The Creator is for man kind rather than everything that is made by Man is made for greed. Mr Greed has no place in our symbiosis organisation. Instead we should adopt symbiosis companies associate branding. NOT FOR PROFIT NOT FOR GREED

The next business destruction hurdle to overcome, is JEALOUSY And TRUST. These are essentially the same emotions protecting ownership. If your company was a Not-for-profit organisation in a symbiosis, not-fo-profit-not-for-greed business, both jealousy and trust would become positive emotions protecting our brand ethos and organisation, after all, none of us will own anything, we will only be custodial owners passing on to our children.


Society driven by the establishment, create financial debt acceptance as our day to day life, to require more money to achieve a so-called good standard of living. Whilst society are targeting every little penny you earn. And the cycle continues until you wake up and observation takes over, forming your life education that’s not written in a book.

SYMBIOSIS Not-for-profit -not-for-greed Organisation

Would be most effective if it’s member colleagues were the following:

  • Symbiosis Credit card Bank
  • Symbiosis Building Society
  • Symbiosis Insurance Group
  • Symbiosis Concert venue   (This could be a great Symbiosis Concert Events Venue, Subject to planing permission).
  • Symbiosis Radio Station
  • Symbiosis TV Station
  • Symbiosis Media Group
  • Symbiosis Property development trust
  • Symbiosis Land Trust
  • Symbiosis Farming Group
  • Symbiosis Food For Life wholesale group
  • Symbiosis Solar power energy
  • Symbiosis Mobile phone brand
  • Symbiosis SIM cards
  • Symbiosis Wi-Fi group
  • Symbiosis Food Stores
  • Symbiosis Record Company
  • Symbiosis Recording & media Studio Group
  • Symbiosis Retirement Homes
  • Symbiosis Private Villages
  • Symbiosis Care Homes
  • Symbiosis College
  • Symbiosis On line University
  • Symbiosis practical farming College
  • Symbiosis Tree For Life

If all the above operated as a, Not-for profit not for greed Black owned business available to anyone, the support would be immense. Duplicated throughout the Caribbean and Africa, the power would shift and the real unmistakable face of the establishment would be revealed!

So if anyone out there with any of the above expertise, that’s really committed to achieving real change for our community all over the world, this is a framework that deserves collaboration discussions, of how it could work and the immense advantages, enabling the relative experts to implement and provide within this symbiosis governing ethos.r touch to form a symposium steer Group.

I will now show you two short videos from Symbiosis Tree For Life

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