The Queens Canopy. Symbiosis Bereavement Orchard

The Queen’s Canopy. Symbiosis Bereavement Orchard.  Available as a £60 Sponsorship tree planting  bereavement gift. Helping families with a memorial tree, in the name of the person and their tree sponsor. This special bereavement orchard celebrating the Queen’s Canopy Jubilee. The Symbiosis Bereavement Orchard operates for and behalf of the community. Providing a Tranquil Fruit tree aisles planted with old varieties on dwarf tree stock.

Symbiosis Bereavement Orchards, planted on public council open spaces, enabling all to share, with dog friendly walks and rest areas retaining all foot paths.

The harvesting as a community volunteer event and produced Fruit and Fresh organic juices, available to the community at an affordable price. The Symbiosis Tree owners have the option to harvest their tree for home use, or opt out. Donating to the Symbiosis community orchard stall, or for sale in participating Charity run shops through out the Wyre Forest District area.

Symbiosis Bereavement Memorial Fruit tree Orchard  would like to propose a request to Kidderminster & Stourport Council, to site this Queen’s Canopy Symbiosis Orchard, at the open space.  Along side the River Stour and under the bridge at Discovery Road, Stourport on Severn.

Discovery Road


If we have enough support, we will submit the proposal to both Stourport & Kidderminster council for consideration. Thank you for your participation. Symbiosis Tree For Life.