The Mighty Help from our BLACK PERSONALITIES


Black personalities, on line support is all we need no financial begging bowl required, just sharing, is all it takes!

We can target our own groups to encourage all their followers to support our children’s educational bursaries. Many parents like myself cannot afford the high cost of education for our children. But Symbiosis Tree For Life Educational Bursary £60 sponsorship, is an inexpensive Not For Profit Not For Greed, is a way of providing big support. Together we can ensure our future is based on the truth of history & Origins helping to change educational policies. Being in the position to rewrite law for a real democratic Society.

Our opportunities for Change has always been in our hands. Symbiosis Tree For Life is the power model that can demonstrate the speed of supporting each other to create a collective power, without the risk of demonstration arrest or criminal tags! As we are a not-for-profit organisation, supporters can help simply by joining the supporters list page and sharing your support with all your subscribers. You could become a more active member by sending a supporter’s video encouraging Symbiosis Tree For Life £60 Educational sponsorship to your supporters.

God gave us trees:

  • To Stabilize our earth,
  • Provide shelter from Sun, Rain & Wind.
  • Filters our rain to give us clean water.
  • Sharing it’s root nutrients & water from under ground with near by shrubs and plants.
  • Purifies our air helping us to breathe.
  • Gives us wood to build houses.
  • Even gives up there bark to treat our wounds.
  • Sheds its leaves every year to protect and sustain our earth.
  • It will even come back when we destroy it.
  • it self seeds attempting to rectify our mistakes.
  • Not to mention the millions of fruits it provides for us with the never ending abundance of food, every year and asks nothing more than to exist!
  • God gave us this wonderful life time present.
  • Lets Shir it, and empower ourselves with it.
  • Plant It. Nurture It. and It will Nurture YOU FOR LIFE!
  • Symbiosis Tree For Life £60 Educational sponsorship bursary

The Gospel Church If you are a church member willing to spread the support on your Church membership supporters page.

Even Joining our Harvesting & Tree Pruning support open days page.