The Maternity – Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary certificate pack

Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary, by Supporting this sponsorship bursary certificate, You would be making an ideal gift with benefits. Helping children with a further education bursary.

How does this work?

Symbiosis Tree For Life, creates an educational bursary certificate; funded by a £60 sponsorship scheme, that purchases a fruit tree from Symbiosis Tree For Life Orchard. That interns provides a 60% produce ownership, for children of disadvantaged backgrounds or newborn babies, which will be collectively collated on a yearly basis to be paid out at the age of 18. Which could be as much as £2,000. The sponsorship scheme carries a tracking facility enabling the sponsor to follow the Investment progress, this could be used for an annual documentation. sponsor a new born child from your family now at:

The Maternity – Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary certificate pack containing:

  • A Welcome to the world card. Legal 60% tree Ownership certificate,
  • A booklet with a year 3, open day harvesting invitation.
  • 9 add on correspondent Reference and booking web site information.
  • All with the individual sponsorship bursary tracking login.
  • A Full Information about Symbiosis Tree For Life Educational Bursary, Aims & Objectives.