Symbiosis tree for life Funding

  • Funding:
    1. Tree planting fund for 4000 trees.
    2. Funding for Agricultural land purchase of 20 acres.

3. Funding For Farm contractor  for Tree planting,  commercial row infrastructure for 1000 trees per acre, on 4 acres to get us started.

4. 3 year salary funding for the following:

  • Director
  • Secretary
  • IT Manager
  • Orchard Manager
  • Fund raising Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Accountant
  • Partnership Contract Solicitor
  • Volunteer coordination Manager

The 4,000 trees ,each offered as a £60 sponsorship to housing developers..
M9. Dwarf root  stock, fruit trees planted at 1000 per acre, will provide not only generating carboncredits, but supporting a regenerative, no dig permaculture, organic natural self fertilizing, symbiosis farm system.
Whilst giving more wild life habitats, and increasing our bee population, and winter leaf soil protection, encouraging our humus soil rejuvenating job to continue without hindrance. PHC symbiosis tree for life.

Put all the planting benefiting reason for support, Together with the abundance of fruit consumption benefits to our daily diets.
All underpinning our new born baby, 60% bursary, sponsorship scheme, Benefits that, favor’s the Small or Corporation’s, running a giving, business frame work.
1. benefiting as a hundred percent tax deductible amount.
2. In 18 years later to issue each 18-year-old with a (EG- Barrett Homes) symbiosis bursary pay as you go card containing 60% funds raised.
3. Even purchasing symbiosis Fruit juices carries 25% tax deductible benefits.

All the time supporting:

  • We can offer under tree planting for lavender to a participating lavender grower partnership retaining a 50% yearly harvest.
    • We can offer beehive farmers a 50% yearly honey harvest partnership.
    • We can offer chicken broiler company our symbiosis chicken Runs under a contract farming partnership.
    • We can also run symbiosis chicken runs for egg production under a farmers partnership agreement.

Providing sustainable young farmer employment!

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