River Side Farm

River Side  Farm
Running a Symbiosis Community farm Scheme

Hands On shared learning agricultural education with job creation scheme
Thank you for offering a evidencing Orchard opportunity to execute our orchard structure, to demonstrate the true value of symbiosis partnerships.
Sharing farming dreams and business opportunities in a baby step partnering scheme with educational focus in mined. Providing real mini farming structure with an open mind sustainable cooperative, learning community of all Ages.
The River Side Farm providing the land share opportunity for farmers & growers to run a 50% production profit share on a yearly licence options.
The River Side Farm is a initiative aimed at creating a symbiotic relationship between agriculture, education, and community development.

Here’s a summary of the key points:
1. Symbiosis Community Farm Scheme: This scheme aims to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between different stakeholders, including farmers, learners, and the community at large.
2. Hands-On Shared Learning Agricultural Education: The farm serves as a practical learning environment where individuals can gain hands-on experience in agriculture. This approach not only imparts knowledge but also promotes skill development.
3. Job Creation Scheme: By integrating education with practical farming activities, the farm contributes to job creation within the agricultural sector. This is essential for fostering economic growth and sustainability.
4. Orchard Structure: The inclusion of Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary orchard demonstrates a commitment to diverse agricultural practices. Orchards are not only productive but also serve as living classrooms, teaching valuable lessons about plant cultivation and ecosystem management.
5. Sustainable Cooperative Learning Community: The farm fosters a sense of community among individuals of all ages, promoting cooperation and knowledge sharing. This collaborative environment is crucial for long-term sustainability and resilience.
6. Land Share Opportunity: Providing land share opportunities for farmers and growers demonstrates a commitment to inclusive and equitable access to resources. The 50% production profit share model incentivizes participation and ensures that benefits are fairly distributed among stakeholders.
7. River Side Farm Yearly License Renewal Options: The flexibility offered through yearly license renewal options allows for adaptability and responsiveness to changing needs and circumstances. This ensures that the farm remains dynamic and relevant in the long run.
Overall, the River Side Farm a model example of how agriculture, education, and community development can intersect to create positive social and economic outcomes.
1. The rows of fruit trees will be planted 1000 per acre with Thyme or Lavender planted at the base.
2. The lawn rows carrying portable chicken runs keeping the grass low.
3. At the corners of the field’s we have beehives supplying our crops & providing honey to boot!

The 1000 Trees per acre will be planted by Symbiosis tree for life 60% bursary Scheme.
Symbiosis will include 200 Trees to Provide Riverside Apple juice.
A partnership with lavender growers as a 50% Riverside harvesting share.
The chicken run would be on a egg shared Riverside School profit 50%
The Bee hives 50% Riverside Honey.
Long-term Sustainability:
1. Maintenance and Development Plans: Establish a long-term plan for orchard maintenance and development, ensuring its sustainability and growth.
2. Monitoring and Evaluation: Regularly assess the impact of the partnership on both the school and the orchard, making adjustments as needed.
This symbiotic relationship between a bursary and an orchard creates a dynamic educational environment, promotes environmental stewardship, engages the community, and supports long-term sustainability for both the educational institution and the orchard.

The Riverside Farm opportunity to include Land permitting with separate access to, Container-based Farming With Symbiosis Repurpose:
Mushrooms 50%
Barley Feed 50%
Fish Farm 50%
Rhubarb grower 50%
Poly Tunnel Growing 50%
Lettuce Grower
Pepper Grower
Cultural Allotment Field Growers 50%
ChoCho Grower
Sweet Potato Grower
Pumpkin Grower
White Maze & Sweet Corn Growers

Symbiosis Group Circular Diagram