A beautiful fruit tree has sun beams passing through it. Dewdrops bead off the fruit and shine in the light.

It’s gorgeous. A pleasant voice over speaks to us as we look at the tree.


Is there anything more beautiful than the fruit tree? It produces fruit that feeds and sustains us, nourishes us, then — in a perfect circle, that fruit becomes seeds to produce more trees. It’s elegant. It’s wonderful.

A CHILD runs in and begins climbing the tree. The child issmiling and having a wonderful time.

NARRATOR (cont’d)

What is amazing, is that the tree becomes even more beautiful when enjoyed by a child.

A child sees the tree as adventure. Happiness. A challenge. A source of joy. The child reaches a spot where he can sit in the crook of a branch and begins to eat one of the fruits he has picked. He loves it.


At Symbiosis Tree for Life, we have captured that joy and took it to the next level. Imagine if that child received more from the tree than just a day of fun. Imagine if the child received an education, an actual understanding of sustainability, and even a love and interest in the earth.

The child looks up and closes his eyes as he enjoys the sun poking through the leaves, still enjoying his fruit.


Tree for Life establishes and EDUCATIONAL BURSARY CERTIFICATE that gives ownership of an actual tree fora child. As the tree produces over its life span, the child benefits from those profits and earns funding for their future education.

The child stands and holds onto a branch, looking outward now, and smiling — enjoying the view of his future.


So is there anything more beautiful than a fruit tree? We believe there is. At Symbiosis Tree for Life, we believe that the future of our children, coupled with our life-giving earth is the most beautiful thing there is.

Title: Find out more about the the beautiful future at www.symbiosistreeforlife.com.