New front

Symbiosis tree for life was developed by Errol Taffe as a solution to help parents with the ever increasing cost of children’s further education, in a one off affordable sponsorship payment of £60. Witch enable us to set up a 60% 18-year ownership bursary certificate, to be released to certificate owner at the age of 18. This could be as much as £2,000. Together with the maximum of 10 trees per child, family’s sponsorship presents for new born children could provide a possible £20,000 bursary payout.

This collaborative partnership with Landowners and farmers wishing to offer a Symbiosis tree for life bursary to local newborn children in your area.

How does it work?

First of all we need reasonably flat agricultural land, enabling us to plant dwarf root-stock fruit trees, close together in rows to achieve reachable harvesting and pruning.

The collective produce sales are deposited in to Symbiosis Tree For Live bursary account 60% bursary is deducted each year and 30% paid in to the partners account and the 10% will be retained for symbiosis tree for life operations.

Symbiosis tree for life Orchard partnership scheme. Designed for world-wide collaboration, that could suit anyone with available land to partnership with our Symbiosis tree for life bursary certificate scheme as Orchard providers.

To join our orchard providers, please contact us for more information: