National School Tree Propagation Project

National School Tree Propagation Project:
Donating to Symbiosis Tree For Life Root Stock Bank.

The root stock will carry a full digital propagation school project history. The cuttings would be donated from the orchard tree pruning season. The children will grow their cuttings in pots and will monitor the progress of the growth of their trees. The website will display all data except the pupil’s personal data.
Every participating school can enter data direct to the website.

School Name
Cuttings From
Class or Year
Date Planted
Name Of Fruit Tree
Pupils Ref Number
# of trees planted

Donating to Symbiosis Tree For Life Root Stock Bank

The school propagation program is designed to not only utilizing the waste from the Orchard pruning season, but donating it to inner city schools for kindergarten children to learn about fruit tree propagation, nurturing their own cuttings and tracking there growth.
Teaching children sharing and giving to others from an early age. If a child plants 5 cuttings one could be taken home to plant and donating the remaining to the symbiosis tree for life propagation programme. The school can be scheduled in to deliver the children’s propagated trees to nurture for others and have a tour of a symbiosis tree for Life Orchard.

School Videos that could be shown to tie in the purpose of The school propagation program to the children.