Introducing the Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary Program

Introducing the Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary Program to Support Newborn children.

I would like to introduce you to an impactful initiative designed to support families and celebrate the arrival of new life.

Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary is a comprehensive certificate pack thoughtfully created to commemorate the journey of bringing new life into the world.

This pack includes:

A “Welcome to the World” card – a heartfelt gesture to mark the beginning of a new chapter.

60% Ownership certificates – offering a unique and meaningful way to cherish the special moment of childbirth.

Booklet featuring a year 3 open day harvesting invitation – an opportunity for families to participate and learn about the growth and nurturing process.

9 add-on sponsorship correspondent reference and booking website information, all easily accessible through individual sponsorship bursary tracking logins.

Full Information about the Symbiosis Tree For Life Educational Bursary, its Aims & Objectives.

Notably, the Bursary scheme extends beyond joyous occasions and is also available as a support mechanism for bereavement. Families encountering loss can benefit from a memorial tree or trees, each carrying a 60% ownership certificate in the name of the child and their tree sponsor. This special bereavement Bursary provides an option for the funds to be released to the parents 18 years later, or an alternative choice to harvest their tree/trees for 15 years.

The primary objective of the Symbiosis Tree For Life Bursary is to offer solace, remembrance, and a long-term connection to celebrate life’s precious moments. This program stands as an opportunity to engage in a thoughtful and enduring tribute to the journey of both birth and remembrance.

I would be honored to discuss this initiative in further detail at your convenience. Your support and guidance in spreading the word about this program would be immensely valued and appreciated in aiding families during these significant life events.

Thank you for considering the importance of this initiative and the positive impact it could have within the realm of maternity services and family’s.

Warm regards,

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