In a hospital room, new parents are greeting their brand new baby. A smiling nurse is congratulating them.A pleasant narrator speaks over the images:


To the healthcare workers and hospitals that help us every day…thank you. Thank you for making injuries better, for curing our sicknesses, and of course…for helping us bring a new life into the world.


The parents are buckling in the new infant to its car seat,getting ready for the ride home, and the same nurse is overseeing.


Now imagine if you could offer something that would help that child’s future in addition to just assisting in her birth…

The parents walk down the hall toward the door with their new baby, and they wave goodbye to the staff. We focus on the smiling nurse as she returns the wave.


Imagine if your hospital didn’t have to see the care end there…


A pleasant scene in an orchard. Sun, trees, sparkling fruit.


Symbiosis Tree for Life has made that possible. For a limited time, we are partnering with maternity hospitals and allowing them to sponsor every newborn baby that is born inside their doors. (MORE)

By supporting new parents with a Tree


for Life Bursary Certificate pack with every newborn baby, your hospital is responsible for providing that child with funding for their education as their sponsored tree grows and produces.

Our family from the hospital now arrives at the orchard, and the mother pulls the newborn baby from the car seat, cradling her gently under one of the trees.


There is no better “Welcome to the World” gift than ownership of a piece of the earth that will supply them with funds for their future –allowing that child to become someone truly great in the world.

The mother “shows” the infant the tree, and the smiling father reaches up and touches one of the branches.


Finally. Your hospital not only saving lives, not only bringing new lives into the world, but also securing the future of lives that will impact our globe…forever. For more information, and full details of this service, visit

Title over the family: