The Symbiosis Food For Life.
Is a multi layered project centered on the ethical and aesthetic use of land. I have been looking at the possible advantages and benefits of setting up a pilot research program with a collaborative structure to maximize our land and Resources.

Running on BULMERS apple orchards infrastructure, by exploring a specially designed chicken Run keeping the grass rows as a food source and level management. Collecting free range organic eggs,  together with turkey  and Duck runs research, all with a very different food consumption rate, but each depositing the best root stimulating fertilizing properties.

  1. BULMERS apple orchards infrastructure
  2. Collaborate with poultry companies supplying and purchasing the poultry.
  3. Collaborate with an egg distribution company to regularly supply.
  4. Installing beehives throughout the orchards increasing our bee pollination vital contribution.
  5. Giving young  enthusiastic unemployed persons a new job introduction to farming.
  6. Documenting the relationship benefits & disadvantages in all aspects of farming & Business.

This Pilot program would need on site static caravan accommodation for the poultry project farmers /managers.

Symbiosis Food for Life -Sustainable collaboration Partnership Research program

Symbiosis Food For Life is happy to head this pilot research program as a



Please call me if you share the idea of working in a Symbiotic and commercial working partnerships as a sustainable way forward.

I would love to pitch this proposal in detail at a meeting with BULMERS CIDER decision makers.

Awaiting your reply,