6 Regional research

Symbiosis Tree For Life Education Bursary Fund For Children from Disadvantage backgrounds.

Giving Companies, Families, Friends & Grandparents the opportunity to provide the best educational gift with growth tracking for each £60 Sponsorship. Educating Our Children with the real value of Trees. Educating Our Children to Share with other’s with real empathy.

Taking a tree propagating project to schools around the uk. Encouraging & stimulating the business of Farming. By fusing Commercial farming with permaculture and organically restoring the eco balance without pesticides.

Taking up the Governmental gauntlet of planting trees in the most valuable way: Educating everyone that a original forest contained more than just trees for lumber, but everything man kneaded to survive healthy & Strong. And possibly turning unused Land to a modern sustainable forest.

The health of humanity is paramount, only then will we resist many diseases that life throws us. By growing with zero food miles, providing for our community tribe with real food with time to prepare and cook with nutrition and healthy food balance.

Symbiosis Tree For Life are dedicated in Educating our children for a better Human existence with sustainability, empathy and profitability without the necessity of apathy and greed!

Symbiosis Food For Life: A 5 year research project in partnership with the young farmers association. Adopting existing methods of food production with modern adaptation to feed the nation with little infrastructure cost. 6 Regional research 5 year projects on Symbiosis Tree For Life custodial Land donation.